Art for your home doesn’t have to be something you simply look at….

Imagine a piece of art that you can arrange to fit your style and your needs. Want a little color in your hallway? Want a work of art that can take up as much or as little space as you want? But maybe you rent so you can’t make holes in the wall…

Art-stellations are the perfect (and fun!) answer.  

Art-stellations are a collection of hand painted, wood hexagons that fit together … or apart! The design allows you create your own unique arrangement. Each piece is painted by hand, making the entire art-stellation and each individual component one of a kind.

All of the pieces are created individually, brought together and painted then repainted for layers of color and texture that are finally sealed, so you can enjoy them for years to come.



Art-stellations are a fun and dynamic way to add color and creativity to your home with a cool, modern design.


Each set comes with 24 pieces that measure 2.25” each, allowing you to create an Art-stellation that is compact or or sparse. The sets also includes a pack of mounting strips that will attach to almost any surface without damaging it…. Which means you create and re-create your design virtually endlessly!

Everyone should have art in their home.

But art for your home doesn’t have to be something STAGNANT forever stuck in a frame.

Art-stellations can also be re-arranged in a zen-like manner, making them a great way to relax and relieve stress. In addition to hanging them on the wall, they’re also perfectly sized for a desk, which means you also play with them in your office or home-office anytime you need a little relaxation!

Art-stellations make a great gift for someone who could use a little zen in their workplace!

Test your creativity and explore different layouts… Or not!  

Cultivate your creativity by making your own personal statement. You can create your own particular constellation of art, over and over.

Don’t think you’re creative?  You’re covered, too! Because Art-stellations come with pre-made designs created for you that you can simply re-create in your own space. Create a focal point in your home, no matter your creative level!

They're really a piece of art that you can arrange time and time again.

Whether on your wall, your desk, or a table-top, Art-stellations are an exclusive, portable installation work that you can arrange in a thousand different ways. There are limitless possibilities when arranging your one-of-a-kind art pieces.

Imagine a piece of art that you can arrange to fit your style and needs. Want a little color in your hallway? Or over your bed? No matter where you decide to place your Art-Stellations, you can create a memorable display that fits your aesthetic. They're perfect for all rooms, but especially good for rooms or walls where you cannot hang traditional frames.



As an interesting alternative to family game night! 

This is the perfect activity for families to work together to create a completely unique piece of artwork. Buy multiple sets, mix and match, and see what each family member creates! It’s also fun for couples to create something that reflects both of your styles while you work together to create something uniquely you as a couple!

Exercise your mind in a new, creative way!

Everyone needs to unwind at the end of the day, let Art-Stellations help you de-stress and regroup while you group the pieces together. Use the pieces to relax and create temporary patterns and designs.  

Art-Stellations are not limited to walls and the small, compact size allows them you to arrange and rearrange them in different places (like the office!) 





It makes a statement. It represents you.

Unlike other art, this uncommon installation can be arranged by you time after time, adding color, Value and creativity to your sanctuary. Add an entertaining, unique and challenging twist to decorating your walls with Art-stellations!