For the Home: 10 Stylish Decorating Ideas

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Add instant style to your home without spending a small fortune with these ten ideas for adding a new look or updating your current home decor.

Go Shopping… in your own closet.

A friend used to say this to me. When I would compliment her on a dress she would say, “I just went shopping in my own closet!” Finding old pieces she had forgotten about or stored away. Sometimes taking inventory of what you have (and what you need to get rid of) will give you plenty to work with. Tons of new ideas! Whether you are simply clearing off shelves or finding old treasures, you are now preparing your space for a change.


Makeover your tired old pieces.

Are you crafty? Update older pieces with a fresh coat of paint or strip it down and varnish it. Adding new hardware can be one of the easiest ways to change a look and those little changes start adding up. You can also save and up-cycle trash items like frames with no glass, with a little spray paint and fake leaves. Find more frame ideas over at


Create Eye Catching Vignette

Since you just found a ton of stuff that you can either revamp or reuse why not create a cool vignette? The great thing about a vignette is it can be have a purpose. Showcase your treasures from a trip, display your heirlooms or store household goods. You can easily make little displays with shelves and tables. Or collecting certain items together on vintage trays.


Add Side Tables

Side tables add a lot of style and value to any room. Next to your bed or your couch, side tables provide ample space for beautiful home decor and lighting. The only downside is they can become a hot spot for your clutter.

One side table our household has completely utilized is the IKEA lack table. They are a fantastic piece to add a ton of value to your home and do not steal the spotlight. We have four in the living room that we can easily arrange to suit the needs of party and game night.

Bonus: You can stack two and use it as a tall side table, bookshelf or extra counter space in the kitchen.

Plates aren’t just for food.

A fun way to create a lot of color and texture is mix and matching cool, stylish plates on your wall. Plate hangers are pretty inexpensive and you can pick them up at any craft store or order them online. Freshen up a colorless room with your own unique wall arrangement. It’s fun to go shopping at thrift stores, estate sales or in your own closet! Older dishes you no longer use? Paint them with craft paints for an abstract art piece that’s one of kind.

Rock on

You can use rocks, shells and other local or natural bounty to pay homage to nature. Create a nature-inspired display on any shelf, entryway, or side table.

This cool display case is the perfect example for showing off your little treasures without losing objects or gathering dust!

Apothecary Jars are another interesting way to display items that you don’t see too often.

Gallery Wall

The magical thing about a gallery wall is you have unlimited potential. You can go big or you can go small. You can use pre-designed layouts or identical frames in a tight grid. Frames are not required to match. You can create a statement piece without having a giant painting as a visual focal point. Bonus: if you sign up for my email list you get a curated collection of some pretty stellar art… for FREE. Sign up here.

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

Mirrors can make a room seem twice as big when you use them right. They can brighten up a room and change the entire feel. Search thrift stores or estate sales for some cool mirrors and paint the frame to match your decor.

Another great idea? Taking smaller mirrors (from one inch to twelve) and creating a cool mirror walls or designs. This is especially great for apartments when you can’t damage the walls with nails. Smaller mirrors hung closely together in a grid format can go as big or small as your space or vision allows! Bonus tip: Secure your mirrors carefully, if they fall it’s going to be a hassle (not to mention dangerous) to clean up. Smaller mirrors rarely shatter when they fall.



Candles look best when grouped together, especially on a spacious surface. Coffee tables are a great example of ample space to be filled. and while there are some general guidelines there are really no rules. You can group together four or five taller candles of different heights. Or collect smaller ones in glass containers. Or try colorful candles that add to your color themes. White candles will always make a striking statement... but color candles can really change things up!

Improve the Lighting

All your home decor changes are pointless if you can’t see all the new changes! Lighting is a an effective way to transform any room into warm welcoming spaces. Update an old lamp with a new lampshade and some spray paint. Or find a cool statement piece that is beautiful and functional.  

Hopefully these ideas helped inspire you with some good ideas for your home!

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