For the Home: Indoor Oasis

Creating your own indoor oasis can be a simple and valuable upgrade to any house or apartment. 

For the Home: Indoor Oasis

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There is no better way to add nature to your home than bringing in plants. Especially if you live in the city and nature is a little harder to come by. Find some stylish home decor inspiration with the large planters and small holders below. 


Large Potted Plants

Every home could use a large potted plant as a statement piece and overall mood changer. Pretty plants in pretty pots make everything look good but you can't go wrong with these minimalist and modern planters. If shelf and countertops are at a high premium in your home then plant stands are a great way to include greenery in your home. Personally, with a kitchen that has the same square footage as a my bathroom, plant stands allow me to bring and detoxing vibes into a space that literally has one counter. 


Macrame Plant Hangers

Macrame hangers are a throwback to a different time but they have also withstood the test of time. You can find a variety of intensely knotted, beautiful plant holders and minimal holders, too. You can even create your own beautiful and stylized plant holders with easy to learn knots. If you would rather spend your time learning how to keep your lovely plants alive... check out these modern macrame hangers.


Glass Terrariums

Glass terrariums are a beautiful way to display every aspect of plant life. You can create your own with your choice of rocks, plants, moss and more. With panes of glass set against a metal frame terrarium, either large or small, are an eye-catching display case. Create a home within you home for your plants.


Stylish Planters

Unique planters are a fabulous way to add character to any room and also hold a lot of visual value. Many planters have textures and colors that add layers to your home decor in a subtle way. For minimal homes a stylish planter can add color while being a functional piece. Bonus: many of these beautiful planters double as holders for salt, rings, and trinkets.


Unique Planters

Never settle for the boring, plastic holder that comes with your beautiful plant. In addition to beautifully glazed ceramic pots and planters you can find a many made of non-traditional materials. Cement and 3-D printed planters are easier than ever to find. With so many new and exciting ways to create planters your home will always look modern and fresh.


There are tons of options to house the beautiful plants you decide to grow in your home!

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