Gift Guide: Father's Day

Father's Day is fast approaching and here is your chance to score something cool, personal and fun before it's too late. Find the coolest products with this list of 30 gifts for Dad! Great gifts for that special dad in your life that help show him what he means to you.  

Father's Day Gift Guide by Objectifeyed

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Starting off this list is a classic... alcohol. Give dad the gift of a good strong drink because he deserves it! Personalized drinking glasses and sets are an affordable way to show your appreciation. Glasses etched with names of fun inside jokes, like the genetic code for Alcohol Dehydrogenase. 


Summer Sandals

Summer weather is right around the corner (or already here for most places) so get him a pair of comfortable, handcrafted sandals. High-quality materials are always appreciated for feet and this selection of leather crafted, sandals measured to fit feet perfectly are an amazing gift for Dad! 


Stylish Socks

Getting socks for a gift seems like a joke but these bright and colorful socks are a great way to show off personality. Bonus, everyone needs socks so why not have cool and stylish socks? The best thing about socks is there is a wide variety from retro games socks to cool patterns.  



Cufflinks are a great gift to give to Dad because if you own a nice shirt you're going to need cufflinks. And everyone owns a nice shirt, right? These featured cufflinks are a non-traditional spin on cufflinks that feature ecofriendly and sustainable wood.  Show off a little personality with unique cuff links that are anything but boring. 


Pocket Tools

Pocket tools are always helpful and valuable. Especially if they have qualities that won't get them confiscated at the airport. Only one made the cut because of the craftsmanship, attention to detail, and material choice. This pocket tool allows the minimalist design to have maximum impact. This small gift has a lot of value and impact.  



Why you want it: A quality wallet will last for a long and protect your the valuable items it holds. Pictures, credit cards, cash and more.... when it comes to your wallet you want the best. 


Grooming Supplies

What man wouldn't want to take care of handsome face? Especially if you helped add to the wrinkles.  Make it easy on him to take care of himself by giving him the right tools. Beard grooming kits, balms, and oils are amazing ways to take care of their face. 




Stylish rings makes a strong statement solo or in stacks.  Help Dad dress to impress, with these high-quality, hand-crafted rings.  


Suspenders and Belts

Cool suspenders are a nod to the past and add a fashionable touch to any man's wardrobe. Colorful fabrics or leather crafted accessories can totally change the look of any oufit and are a great gift for Dad!



Bags are a great gift for Dad because of functionality. Laptop bags, backpacks and briefcases are all valuable because of what they protect. From travel to everyday use, a good back is always a valuable addition to any closet. 

With so many cool and fun gifts you might have trouble narrowing your choices but whatever you choose he will love it. Because he's your Dad and that is what he does. 

Hope you enjoyed,