For the Home: Cool Weavings and Wall Hangings

Check out this small but delightful collection of colorful and modern wall hangings and weavings. Weavings and are a fantastic way to add color and texture to your home. Large, full weavings create eye-catching statement pieces and smaller pieces can add to the overall ambiance of the room. With the recent trend of weavings becoming less traditional, you can find amazing pieces that will fit any style of home decor!

Cool Weavings and Wall Hangings by Objectifeyed

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Neutral Wall Hangings

With so many styles and colors available it makes it hard to choose just one piece when selecting weavings for your home. 

Light monochromatic weavings that incorporate metal hoops are a beautiful and elegant way to make a statement. This tall and minimalist weaving by LekkerProject is perfect for an unusual space Or find a unique piece that incorporates unusual elements like Driftwood Gray and White Asymmetrical Weaving by WeavingsbyJessica


Hand Dyed Weavings

A beautiful, hand dyed weaving will certainly grab the attention of anyone in the room. A large, intricately woven and artistic piece like this Black and White Weaving by TeddyandWool would create a stunning and unique statement piece. 

Hand dyed wall hangings have a subtle beauty that shows the hard work and dedication that goes into dying each strand. The irregular edges of this Beautiful Black and Tan Wall Hanging by HandworksByRonda and Handmade Boho Macrame Wall Hanging by LunaandBlack and Hand Dyed Weaving by RoxiesWorkshop create a fun and modern art piece that goes well in any room. 


Colorful Weavings

Bright and colorful weavings are another way to add a splash of color to any room. You can find wall hangings that are full of one color or tons of color depending on your aesthetic. This beautiful explosion of color Rainbow Wall Art by TrendyPuku or this Summery Mini Weave Woven Wall Hanging by JunahWoods.

Finding the right color is is half the battle when finding the perfect wall hanging or weaving but unique shapes make pieces rally stand out. 


Unique Wall Hangings

Finding a uniquely shaped wall shaped wall hanging is a fun way to add to your home decor and with completely personal and custom made pieces like this Colorful Wall Hanging by FringeFortyFour. The lack of color only shows off the beautiful texture in this and Circular Wall Hanging by Totembypoppy.


Rustic Wall Weavings

I am also a fan of wall hangings that incorporate nature or unique elements into the design. These two weavings have branches which co well with plants or add a rustic style. I love the intricate fade of colors in this Beautiful and Unique Weaving by Weaverella or or the stylish blend of colors in this Colorful Weaving by Lilyhandmadecentre.

There are so many amazing textures and qualities you can find when searching for the perfect wall hanging. This Stylish Weaving by IONAstudio creates a fluffy cloudy texture that adds depth and is a lovely piece to compliment any home decor. Or find your perfect statement piece like this tall Large Colorful Weaving by ThreadedIvy

I hope you find the perfect piece to decorate your home and add some color and texture to your life. 

Hope you enjoyed,