Living with Art: Stranger Things Fan Art

 PICTURE of beautiful fan art from the show stranger things. 

If you’re like me and oh I don’t know…. half of the world you then you fell in love with Stranger Things last fall. Monsters, 80s references, and a killer soundtrack? How could you not? Although I have yet to find another person who didn’t fall head over heels in love with Barb. Way to mess up a budding romance by getting murdered.

I have been listening to the amazing soundtrack on and off since I binged through the season. I thought I would share some of the amazing home decor finds for Stranger Things.

A good way to show off your amazing taste in movies is to feature them in your home decor. Showcase your favorite television shows or movies with highly stylized prints from talented artists.

Enjoy this varied collection of Stranger Things alternative posters that very from minimalistic graphics to colorful visuals. 

These minimalist graphics instantly conjure up scenes and characters without the need of showing familiar scenes. Who wouldn't give a nod to the fiesty, level headed Dustin? Or a tribute to the nostalgic joy of talking through a walkie talkie? 80s childhood and fan art beautifully combined!

Many times movie posters are depicted as you would see them in a movie theater (and that is kind of the point, right?) But the beautiful of these images is they work on all sizes. Perfect for an office or filling in a spot on your gallery wall. 

There are so many vibrant and colorful works available. Visuals that capture that haunting green glow of the upside down. Many of the works I found incorporated the name of the show. A few pieces absolutely nailed using the iconic title of the show. Fun fact, the title was a tribute to Stephen King's books which had similar looking titles... but you might have already known that if you watched anything remotely scary in the 80s. Make your own inspired Stranger Things logo here with this silly site that lets you "strangify" some words.  

Last by not least is work that focuses on one of the scariest elements of Stranger Things. The Upside Down. At first, I couldn't figure out what was scariest... a monster stealing children, an alternate dead world that is home to a child killing monster or the government covering it up.

There are different ways to characterize the Upside Down and while the imagery is similar each image has subtle and beautiful differences. 

With so many cool and colorful pieces of work this might turn into an on-going series... especially when season two comes out this Halloween!


Hope you enjoyed,