Style Guide: Sunglasses

Ah, sunglasses are the perfect accessory for a sunny day. With summer heating up and endless barbecues lined up you can never have too many pairs of sunnies around to complete your look (and shield your eyes!) 

Stylish Guide of Sunglasses by Objectifeyed

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Wooden Sunglasses

These beautiful wooden frames are a take on the classic frame with a modern twist. Everything goes with wood, so you can't go wrong with any of these beautiful and stylish wooden frames.

These classic wooden frame, stylish wooden glasses with gold and carved wooden frames all  create a look that is easy going, beautiful and perfect for summer. 

For a twist on classic cat eye glasses you can try these black sunglasses with wooden frames or these cute little black circular cat frames.  

Unusual Sunglasses

For the person who has style to spare these glasses are perfect for the non-traditionalist. Small and light, these minimalist sunglasses will make you stand out. Or go the opposite route find yourself awash in beautiful details on this pair of leather sunglasses


Colorful Sunglasses

These sweet sunnies are perfect for going to the beach or running errands out on a sunny day. Stock up with these affordable and colorful sunglasses and leave an extra pair in your car so you're never without this wardrobe staple. 


Colorful Lens Sunglasses

Bright and colorful sunglasses are another wardrobe staple that can help change your entire look. These beautiful rose color sunglasses are a throwback to cool time period but also work with modern looks, as do these completely gold shades which make me feels like a 90's kid all over again. 


Glow in the Dark Sunglasses

Go from day to night with these sunglasses. You don't need to go to a rave to wear these funky glasses that light up, just some darkness and a sense of adventure. These paint splashed glow in the dark sunglasses are perfect for that bbq that goes until midnight. 


Sunglasses Case

Take care of you new pair of sunglasses with these cool sunglass carriers. This beautifully gray felt holder will protect your precious sunglasses from your purse and other various things that slowly scratch and ruin your sunglasses. Leather more you style? Try this leather sunglasses case that can be personalized with your name! 

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