Style Guide: Rings

Raw Stone and Crystal Rings

Rings aren't just for tying the knot, they add extra value to any outfit without overpowering anything. From dainty and small to bold statement rings, this collection will be sure to catch any eye. 

Style Guide to Rings by Objectifeyed

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Raw Stone Rings

Beautiful raw stone rings have a natural beauty. A completely unique uncut black diamond ring makes quite the statement. Or these beautiful raw crystal stacking rings which will go with anything, including other rings. 


Turquoise Rings

Turquoise rings always make a statement, even if they are not statement rings. Now, a statement ring serves a purpose and can make or break a look, like this bold and bright green turquoise rings. For days when you don't want to your hands to do there are pieces like this unique split turquoise ring or these multi-stoned stacking rings

Nature Inspired Rings

This is the perfect ring for the spirited person who wants to hold nature close to her heart. I know when I am sitting at desk replying to emails I stop and daydream about my last jaunt in to the mountains, to the Garden of the Gods. This rose gold mountain ring is the perfect gift for hikers. Or this beautifully hammered mountain ring. Bonus, you can buy tall mountains and low and pair them together to make a unique ring mountain scene you can wear everyday! Or this delicate and minimal feather ring, can remind you of the call of the wild. 


Modern and Minimal Silver Rings

Minimal and modern silver rings never go out of style. With these cool and asymmetrical designs, like this interesting linear minimal silver ring that will look different any way you wear it. Or this modern, minimal bar ring which adds to any outfit.  Minimal interchangeable stacking rings are an accessory that never go wrong! Bonus, they are satisfying to arrange and re-arrange time and time again.  


Rings in all shapes and sizes, for every type of ring love ring lover in the world. 

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