Let me tell you and hopefully show you how…

Art improves the quality of your life and personalizes the places we live and work. Make a unique statement with art that shows off your unique style.

Because art is a very powerful way to express your individuality, beliefs, and feelings, not only for the artist who makes he work but also for the owner. An original work of art reflects, enhances and sometimes magnifies the personality of the individual of the owner.

A beautiful piece of artwork can revive a lifeless interior, in your home or workplace, transforming a room into a welcoming environment that is unique, engaging, and totally represents you.

Surrounding yourself with art creates openings for conversation and exchanging ideas, it gives people permission to share thoughts, feelings, and impressions they might normally be compelled to share…

In other words, it helps people connect to one another.

Adri Luna, Artist, Adri Luna Studio

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My mission is to create beautiful art that represents your passion, ideas and thoughts through my artwork. I want my artwork to transform your house into your home.

You are a completely original person. You should have completely original art to represent  your style.

You should have completely original art to represent you and your style.

Let me help you with that.


I am an abstract artist. I create abstract paintings and large-scale installations. 

The theme of my work focuses on creating a physical representation of the emotional effect (and connection) that people and experience leave on us as humans. I am always excited to explore different media. I often create mixed-media paintings, mixing elements together to see how they react, then manipulating them to form unique reticulations. 

I currently in in the bay area of California. After living in Kansas City, MO for eight years (because a lifetime of loving art led me to study printmaking and painting at the Kansas City Art Institute) I finally decided to return to California, to create new work and be near the sea. 

While I have a deep love for printmaking, I truly love exploring different media and working with paper. My paper sculptures, large-scale installations, and paintings range from huge to tiny. They are my way of exploring and bringing a little beauty into the world. I have shown my installation work in several galleries in the midwest and California. My giant paper sculptures (some as big as twenty-five feet long and twelve feet high) come alive in spaces designed to show off work. But I also love to work small, sometimes creating a series of work the size of my hand. 

My paintings, prints and installations have been collected by individuals, designers, artists and hotels. Custom prints are available for many pieces created in or after 2015. 

Thank you for visiting my website. The place to see current works in progress and inspiration is on my Instagram and you can subscribe to my email list for exclusive sales and special notices.